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Sunday Meeting address is 180 SE Mill St.  It is across the street from the Polk County Courthouse, next to the movie theater.

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In September we will be starting an 8 week FOCUS  using  the curriculum and video’s that Randy Clark developed for his supernatural school of ministry.

Randy Clark was used of God to birth the “Toronto Blessing” in 1994.  This opened the door for him to become an international speaker who has spoken in 36 nations.  From 1994-1996 Randy focused on leading renewal meetings throughout the United States and around the world where he equipped pastors and leaders of apostolic networks and denominations.  He taught them how to pray for the sick,  minister deliverance and receive words of knowledge.  His practical teaching gave them a biblical basis for healing and was demonstrated by miracle after miracle.

He has an amazing ministry of imparting both his passion for seeing people healed and the practical parts that we can do to activate and do our part.


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Many times when people come into a “church” setting they hear good news and words like freedom, hope, abundant living, and holiness.  I wonder if at times, the need to “save face” or put on a good appearance keeps us in a place of frustration, shame, guilt, confusion and ultimately drives into hiding and detachment as we don’t know how to access what we hear about.  

Sometimes we are walking through things that seem impossible and it can be easy to believe that no-one can understand.

If you feel stuck, I invite you to get un-stuck.  Come and talk about it.  No one should live in shame, guilt, hopelessness or distance when we are part of a community.  Please call and we can set up a time to talk. (503)623-6890

~Pastor Heather

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To make get on the list for help, please call the office at 503-623-6890 or email [email protected]


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